Tariff FAQ


So, what is a standing charge?
A standing charge is a fixed amount that is applied to your electricity keypad meter or bill daily, is quoted as pence per day.

A standing charge helps cover an energy supplier’s fixed costs, for example enabling a supply of electricity to your home through distribution and metering services.

How will being on a standing charge tariff affect my prices?
Your bill or prepaid meter will include the standing charge (pence per day), your unit rate and the amount of energy you use (kWh).  It is always best to check you are on the best possible deal.  Please use our tariff tables to check your are on the right tariff for you.

How do I work out how much I’ll be paying
Our tariffs now include a standing charge (pence per day) and a single consumption unit rate (pence per kWh of electricity used).  The standing charge is applied, even if no electricity is used.

How much is the standing charge per day?
The standing charge amount may change depending on your payment method, meter type and tariff choice.  Please refer to our tariff tables.

What is the cheapest tariff?
We would always advise customers to visit our tariff tables to make sure you are on the best possible deal with Budget Energy.

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