FAQ July 21 Price Increase

Exit Fees
Q. Will I have to pay an exit fee?
A. If you are on a discounted tariff the agreed discount and promotional terms will remain unchanged until the end of your contract. If you do not accept the variations, you may terminate the agreement before 2nd July 2021, no exit fee will apply.

Q. What period do I have to opt out of my current contract?
A. You have until 2nd July 2021.

Price Increase
Q. Why are you increasing electric prices?
A. We have always been committed to providing you with competitive electricity prices, as well as exceptional customer care and service. However, market energy and network costs, which are outside of our control, have been increasing steadily in recent months. While we have made every effort to absorb these costs for our residential customers, we now need to reflect those increases in our electricity prices.

Fixed Term
Q. Are you allowed to increase my prices if I have a fixed term contract?
A. Yes, your prices can change. We have sent a 21-day notification letter. This is because the discount term is fixed, not the unit rate/standing charge prices. Prices in the market have increased which is reflective in the 14.9 % increase across unit rates and standing charges.

Fixed Rate
Q. I am on a fixed rate tariff. Will my prices be changing?
A. No. Fixed Rate (Advantage) prices won’t be affected. Your contract ensures your prices are fixed for 12 months from your tariff start date.

Q. I can’t afford the price increase. What support is available to me?

The Affordable Warmth Scheme targets low income households who experience the effects of fuel poverty and energy inefficiency. It is a targeted scheme aimed at those areas where levels of fuel poverty are highest. The scheme is available to home owners, those who have their day/life interest in the house and those who privately rent their home. It is not available for tenants living in the social (Housing Executive or housing association) sector. The Affordable Warmth Scheme provides grant aid to improve energy efficiency measures within your home.

The NI Energy Advice Line service offers free comprehensive advice and support on how to save energy in the home and on assistance available. Consumers can call 0800 111 44 55 during office hours or use the call back service for out of hours. Consumers can also visit the NI Housing Executive website at www.nihe.gov.uk under Community. This service offers advice and a contact form for energy efficiency advice and signposting for grants.

Price Increase details
Q. How much are prices increasing by?
A. 14.9% for unit rates and 14.9% standing charges, for all variable rate customers. This will equate to an average increase of 7p per day including VAT. (based on typical annual consumption of 3200KwH)

Existing Incentives
Q. Am I still entitled to my free credit?
A. Yes, if you keep to your existing contract terms, any remaining credit can be redeemed within the remainder of your contract.

Payment Methods
Q. What payment methods are affected?
A. All Billing and Keypad customers on variable contracts.

Direct Debit increase after Account Review
Q. I’ve recently had my account review and my Direct Debit has increased. Will this be increasing again?
A. Your Direct Debit is regularly reviewed in line with consumption at your property. If your Direct Debit amount needs to change (increase or decrease), we’ll send you notification through your chosen method of contact.

Q. I’m not happy with this price increase, can I appeal this decision?
A. We will be writing to you in June, providing the required 21 days notice period, before the price change comes into effect on 2nd July 2021.

You can contact us to see what alternative tariffs are available that better suit your needs. Please use our Live Chat option or call 0800 012 1177.

Have you considered energy efficiency advice?
Code-of-Practice-on-Efficient-use-of-Electricity-August-20.pdf (budgetenergy.co.uk)

You do have the option to log a closed complaint for feedback purposes. This will be reviewed as part of our Continuous Improvement processes.
CoP-Complaints-Handling.pdf (budgetenergy.co.uk)