Energy Theft Advice

What is Energy Theft


Energy theft is tampering with a meter or its connections. This means the meter doesn’t accurately record how much electricity is being used.


 Energy Theft
Why is Energy Theft dangerous?


A tampered meter is unsafe and can be extremely dangerous. It puts the safety of people living in the property and their neighbours at risk.


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What is the impact of Energy Theft


Energy theft is not a victimless crime. Energy theft increases costs, resulting in higher bills which affects everyone. Energy theft is paid for by you…


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Reporting Energy Theft


Tampering with gas or electricity meters isn’t just dangerous – it’s also illegal. Budget Energy are supporting the Consumer Council, to raise awareness about the consequences of energy theft.


If you suspect energy theft is occurring, it can be reported by contacting the UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA) on 028 9575 7206.


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