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Switch to Pay As You Go with Budget Energy

Switch to Budget Energy and claim your £30 Budget Bonus. With Pay As You Go Meters / Keypad Top Ups you can have full control over your electricity costs.

There are no monthly payments and no electricity bills in the post, you simply top-up when you need to. And we’ve made topping up easy so you can do it wherever, whenever with our 24/7 online top up service. You can also top up at any pay point or payzone outlet or call our FREE automated payment line on 0800 015 2678.

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Switch and Save on your home electricity with Budget Energy

Solar Research & Development

At Budget Energy we’ve been researching the latest battery technologies integrated with solar generation, along with EV charging, and will be teaching our customers how home energy ecosystems can create, store and use energy.

We select preferred sales partners, as we believe it is important that our customers have options that are tailored to their needs, ensuring you get the best value for your energy.

Do you generate your own renewable solar enery? Contact us now for a GREAT BUY BACK RATE.


Claim Your Priority Security Passes

Start your holiday stress free with a Priority Security Pass from Budget Energy.

Are you travelling from Belfast International Airport? Budget Energy customers can claim up to four priority security passes per trip.

Take advantage of this Exclusive Perk today.


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